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Bowling is a sport that, in Slovakia, in recent years engulfed all generations. The attraction is often apparent simplicity. After all, throw a bowling ball that rolls along a smooth track almost by itself, cannot be anything difficult. But only at the first moment. To throw it properly and so to hit accurately the target, it requires accuracy. Those, who are actively engaged in the bowling, certainly know a lot about it.
The target of the player is to knock down with bowling ball tenpins which are at a distance of 18.5 meters in an isosceles triangle. Bowling ball weight is from 3.6 to 4.5 kg. Bowling is played for points and winner is that one who achieves the highest point score in the game. In each game there are ten rounds, each has two throws. If a player throws off all tenpins in the last round, he has one extra throw. In the event that a player in first attempt throws off all tenpins, the second attempt is cancelled and is not played. Each throw shall be deemed valid if the bowling ball cuts the playing boundary line of the runway. The player is throwing itself and must not use any devices.
Bowling is played on the runway, which is divided into three parts: the sliding, the rotating and the arching. The naming of parts is based on the behaviour of the bowling ball on the track. In the first part, which is the most oiled, the ball slips, the second that creates the rotation and in the third that creates an arch and this must be completely dry.


Billiards is a sports game in which a special stick (called a billiards stick or billiard cue) reflects the special balls (called the billiard balls) on a special table covered by a green screen (called a pool table or pool). The game does not require a large movement, but a great deal of skill, flexibility, accuracy. It helps to improve self-control, vision and sturdiness. In the United Kingdom, the term billiards refers only to English billiards but in the United States only to a certain group of billiard games.

There are about 35 games, of which the basic games are as follows:

- Carom billiards (French billiards) is a game played on a table without holes and with sharp rubber edges.
- Pool (billiards) is a game played on a table with six holes. It also includes the most billiard games in the world, eight-ball, nine-ball, straight pool, as well as and bank pool.
- Snooker is a game that varies on the size of the table, the number of balls. It depends on a different culture and historical differences.
- Body Billiards
- Russian Billiards
- English Billiards

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