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Squash is a sport that is played in the indoor-squash court. It was originally called "Squash Rackets" as a reference to squash-able soft ball used in the game (compared to its predecessor, the harder game ball initially used in Racquets or Rackets).

The game is played by two players (or rarely even four) with the ' standard ' rackets on the court within four walls and a small hollow rubber ball. On the front wall, there are two lines. The ball must bounce off the front wall with any balance above the bottom line. It can be reflected, before or after departure to the ground, from the side walls or rear wall. Service must be done over the higher line and hit the opponent's half of the pitch in marked area. The ball can fall to the ground only once.

The balls differ in hardness and 'jumping '. Professional players use the ball with two yellow dots which has the lowest jumping. Next one is a ball with one yellow dot. There are still balls with red, blue and white dot-bound. These are used by beginners and recreational players.

Squash is played to 9 points with losses. The new rules brought in scoring 15 points without losses, the aim is stepping up the game and increase its attractiveness for the audience.

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