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Perfect abreaction and relax after a work day, the harmonious atmosphere of the wellness centre.
Draw the energy for each new day in the complex where you will experience true peace, relaxation treatments and well being.

WELLNESS is recommended for several reasons:
As a method of gradual weather adaptation and a training method of gradual adaptation to the higher temperature and as a way of increasing fitness.
It is a regenerating process for the removal of physical and mental tiredness.
In the sauna, there is a significant relaxation of the muscles, increase of flexibility, improve of the metabolism, improve of the thermal regulation of the body. Perfect for a physical as well as a psychical relaxation.

Price List Of SERVICES

Wellness (from 16:00 to 22:00 pm, by appointment only)
Price - 6,50 € / person / hour
2 hours entry - 10,- € / person
After the expiry of the time every 15 mins are charged 2,50 € extra.
Private booking: Monday - Thursday / 80,- € or Friday - Sunday / 100,- €



Finnish dry sauna

Staying in a sauna and then cooling the body helps to stimulate the immunity of body system and increases the number of red and white blood cells.
Duration of stay: 15 minutes / temperature: 90 – 105 ° C

Salt steam sauna

Relax and feel the salt vapour which enables a total blood flow to the skin and helps with diseases of the upper respiratory tract and detoxify the body.
Duration of stay: 15 minutes / temperature: 45 ° C

Eucalyptus steam sauna

Inhalation of the eucalyptus steam helps to protect against virus diseases, bacterial infections and relieves the respiratory system. It is also useful against colds, allergies and other respiratory diseases.
Duration of stay: 15 - 20 minutes / temperature: 42 - 50 ° C

Ice bucket

A bucket full of ice water is readily available for all hardy men who need to relieve hot in the body. Feel energy that passes through your body and overloads each part of it. Teplota: Temperature: 9 - 12 ° C

Hot Tub - Jacuzzi

Immerse yourself and enjoy the water micro-massage, a myriad of tiny bubbles, which release all of the muscles in your body.
Duration of stay: 10 minutes / temperature: 37 ° C

SUMMER RAIN - Massage shower

Enjoy a fresh touch of the summer rain drops. Their force and energy will encourage the whole body and refresh your spirit, just as a random summer rain.
Temperature: 12 / 25 / 35 °C
Effects: Massage shower has a relaxing effect. It is suitable for both physical and mental stress of the organism.
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